Friday, November 27, 2015

Zambian Government Schools Should Adopt Thin Client Technology

The recently conducted Grade 9 Computer Studies exams highlighted the great inadequacy in ICT Infrastructure that  the majority of Zambian Government Schools are experiencing.

The most cost effective and sustainable option for schools with a limited budget has to be thin client products such as Ncomputing.

For Example a Brand New Computer Costs around 5000 Kwacha in order  to acquire a 20 User Lab that means you would have to have a budget of 100,000 Kwacha . This is out of the reach of most of the thousands of schools around Zambia, as well as additional costs for Software, Electricity, Networking this then becomes almost impossible to acquire and Maintain.

Second Option: Acquire second hand computers from NGO's and Computer Societies          
Majority of the second hand computers that are offererd to these schools are not given for free and they are asked to pay a certain amount to acquire them. The tragedy is that they are in fact paying for equipment that is seen as E-Waste  from the organizations /  countries in which they were acquired. A zambian school buying a Pentium 4 Pc from 2002 is costly and they break down soon afterwards.

Dont Settle For Less,Acquire The Best Most Affordable and Sustainable Option, NCOMPUTING

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