Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Ncomputing?

Ncomputing is technology that allows multiple users to share 1 computer simultaneously, this means that with ncomputing you could have 1 ordinary desktop computer catering for up to 30 people or more at the same time.

How does it work? The additional users connect to the shared computer using an Ncomputing device, the monitor,keyboard and mouse connect to the Ncomputing device, the device is then connected to the shared computer through either the Local Area Network OR directly from the Ncomputing Device to the  computer.

1.Two Usb slots for peripheral devices and storage drives
2. Headphone jack
3.microphone Jack
4 & 5/ Usb keyboard and Miouse Ports
6. RJ45 network Port
7.VGA port for Monitor
8.Ac Adaptor Port for Power
9. On/Off Switch

Why use Ncomputing? The main benefit is that it is a cheaper alternative to the desktop computer, since modern computers are powerful enough to cater for more than 1 user Ncomputing taps into that performance power that would otherwise have remained idle. It also benefits an organization in that when they need to upgrade there I.T in a few years instead of finding funds to buy a whole fleet of New desktop computers they merely have to buy and replace the computer that was being shared by multiple users.

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  1. i was wondering if we can be able to comunicate with diferent pc's tht have been used in ncomputing

  2. do ncomputing does work on internet games such as ran,dota/garena,LOL etc...?