Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Use Ncomputing?

For Developing Nations such as Zambia the main reason to have Ncomputing as an option is COST SAVING, many organizations, schools etc can not afford to keep up with the current innovations in ICT. They do not have the resources to acquire, run and maintain even a small number of computers.

How does Ncomputing solve this problem?
For less than a price of 1 desktop computer you can purchase a 5 user kit(X550) that would allow for 6 users to share 1 computer, 2 kits can be installed on 1 computer bringing the total number of users to 11. This means your pc acquisition  costs are reduced by up to 75 %. Maintenance of the computers is also made easier since servicing 1 Cpu means that all the 10 other users have benefited. Save on the cost of expensive programs such as Anti virus, since 1 installation will cater for multiple users. 1 of the greates benefits is that in 3-4 years when your computers become redundant instead of replacing a whole fleet of computers you just replace the the 1 computer that was being shared by the multiple users and install and connect ncomputing devices to your new computer.

How does it work?
Most modern computers are so powerful that they have the capacity to cater for more than 1 user, ncomputing taps into the excess capacity left idle and spreads it amongst multiple users. An ordinary pentium 4 computer with 1 gigabyte of Ram can cater for up to 6 people. Ncomputing takes advantage of the fact that in a normal school or office set up running your everyday Microsoft programs and other applications the user will only be using less than 10% of the processing power of the computer

Where can i get Ncomputing?
Zedwiz Technologies is a registered reseller of Ncomputing products in Zambia and has a silver partnership with Ncomputing and would be able to provide information on the product, advise on what would be the best solution for your needs as well as supply you with Ncomputing products and after sales service.

Contact Details
Telephone:+260 977699045


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